Upcoming Trauma Talks

The 3rd Thursday of each month, MTEP hosts a one-hour presentation by experts in the field of trauma.

Thursday, April 20th

Speaker: Eileen Bulger, MD, FACS
Time: 8:00pm CDT
Topic: Pre-Hospital Trauma Triage

Thursday, May 18th

Speaker: Hank Meyer, JD
Time: 8:00pm CDT
Topic: EMS and Crime Scene Preservation

Thursday, June 15th

Speaker: Alison Smith, MD
Time: 8:00pm CDT
Topic: Shock

Past Trauma Talks

  • Prehospital Use of TXA:
    presented by Dr. Lance Stuke
  • Resuscitation of the Prehospital Trauma Patient:
    presented by Dr. Ken Mattox & Dr. Lance Stuke
  • Overview of the National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines (Version 3.0, March 2022):
    presented by Dr. Jon Krohmer
  • EMS Literature and Research: How the EMS Professional Should Evaluate It:
    presented by Dr. Peter Pons, Will Chapleau & Steve Mercer
  • Is It Really That Simple?
    presented by Will Chapleau