Upcoming Trauma Talks

The 3rd Thursday of each month, MTEP hosts a one-hour presentation by experts in the field of trauma.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Guest: Tim Perry, RN, CEN, CFRN, NR-P, CMTE
Time: 8:00pm CDT
Topic: Down on the Farm

Past Trauma Talks

  • Prehospital Use of TXA:
    presented by Dr. Lance Stuke
  • Resuscitation of the Prehospital Trauma Patient:
    presented by Dr. Ken Mattox & Dr. Lance Stuke
  • Overview of the National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines (Version 3.0, March 2022): presented by Dr. Jon Krohmer
  • EMS Literature and Research: How the EMS Professional Should Evaluate It: presented by Dr. Peter Pons, Will Chapleau & Steve Mercer
  • Is It Really That Simple?: presented by Will Chapleau
  • Traumatic Cardiopulmonary Arrest: presented by Dr. Jeffery Salomone
  • Why Shock Kills: presented by Steve Mercer
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Triage: presented by Dr. Eileen Bulger
  • EMS Crime Scene Prevention: presented by Hank Meyer, JD, ATF, NREMT-P
  • Prehospital Blood: What You Should Know: presented by Randi Schaefer DNP, RN, A CNS-BC, CEN
  • About Norman: Who He Was/ What He Did/ Why It Matters: presented by Dr. Ken Mattox, Dr. Ron Gross, Will Chapleau, Steve Mercer
  • Do Not Panic in the Face of Blood: Prehospital Adjuncts for Hemorrhage: presented by Dr. Alison Smith
  • From Horses to Horsepower: The Evolution of Prehospital Care Over the Centuries: presented by Dr. Ron Gross
  • What Can the Feds Force EMS to Do?! Legislative Oversight: presented by Dr. Jon Krohmer
  • Creating Stop The Bleed: Immediate Responders presented by Dr. Len Jacobs
  • Prehospital Blood Transfusion: Does it Make a Difference? presented by Dr. Jeff Salomone
  • Early Management of Adult and Pediatric Airway Burns and Toxic Inhalation presented by Marvin Wayne, MD